Under Eye Dark Circle

Treatment of under eye dark circles:–


Dark circle treatment can target the dark pigmentation on the face by either replenishing the skin under the eyes, injecting fillers, or autologous materials into the hollowed skin or topically lightening pigment in the skin.


The following under eye dark circle treatments can be used in order to improve the appearance of dark circles under the eyes:


Topical treatment
Ointments containing bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, vitamin C etc can be applied onto the dark pigmentation on the face to reduce the intensity of the dark circles. Even though some of these ointments and creams are available over the counter, a dermatologist should still be consulted for the correct treatment of the under eye circles.


Intense pulsed light therapy;
Dark circle treatment involving intense pulsed light therapy involves targeting the dark pigmentation on the face with directed pulses of light in order to bleach out the blood vessels that may be visible in the delicate under eye skin.



Skin resurfacing
The use of skin resurfacing treatments such as CO2 laser and chemical peels for dark circle treatment relies on the resulting stimulation of fibroblasts within the skin to produce new collagen, thereby renewing the skin and improving skin quality.



Mesotherapy may be occasionally effective.It is a non-surgical, relatively painless procedure wherein multiple microinjections deliver vitamins, amino acids, Homoeopathic Tinctures etc into the skin stimulating collagen production and help in scar resurfacing & removal of pigmentation. Significant improvement in the pigmentated surface has been noticed with this procedure.


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