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Dr. Renge’s TOTAL Clinic is central india’s first dedicated clinic for Allergy , Skin & Hair along with many other diseases. It is owned by Dr Sangita Renge ( BHMS, MD, DCR,PGDCC) & has been practicing since 2001 and most experienced modern day homeopaths & clinical cosmetologist .


One word that describes Dr renges Total Clinc 's journey throughout the past 10 year is growth. And to sum up the vision for future, it is “pure excitement.


Dr Renege’s Total Clinic Has started with a passion of providing premier yet affordable services to all their Patients. We strive to leave a beautiful and lasting experience for our patients. Each is treated accordingly to the individual’s unique needs for overall Health, wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation.


 Our mission is to combine their experience with the most advanced products, trainings and technologies in skin and Hair care to provide patient with a lasting, positive glow on their mental and physical being.


As beauty does not happen overnight, that extending the effectiveness of our therapy sessions calls for long-term sustainability and care. Our team therapists educate Patients to maintain their eternal youth and beauty. Patients experience takes priority in our approach – they are trained to consult, not hard-sell


In every case, the focus is always on the individual, regardless of the diagnosis or the name of the disease. This is the most basic difference between our approach and that of orthodox medicine.


Our goal is to make sure people in this community know they can get the best diagnosis and treatment of any skin, hair or nail problem - medical or cosmetic - here at Dr Range’s Total clinic.


We diagnose, treat and manage


At TOTAL clinic we have 2 different categories of treatment.


where we are seeing & treating thousands of patients suffering from varied health problems, which can be acute or chronic with mild to severe symptoms. Mostly these patients are suffering from various skin or allergic conditions, Thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, PCOD, Fibroid or other women issues. We have a large base of patients from the pediatric category also. Parents are really happy with their kids' improvement & they see homoeopathy as an only option for all the ailments for their kids including fever.


where our clinic is equipped with the best machines and all modern therapies for different skin and hair problems. We have laid down procedures and standard methodologies for our consultants to follow regarding each patient to give uniform results.

We maintain our high standard by 

  • Regular training of our consultants to keep them aware of latest happenings in medical field.
  • Regular training off our therapist to provide you best service.
  • Updating our clinic with more advance machines & techniques on a regular interval.

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-Shiny Abraham,

I would like to express my thanks from the bottom of my heart to Dr Sangita
who treated me for my skin allergy problem. The result of the medicine was
faster than my expectation. I was really surprised. The hospitality of each
and every member was good. Now i will recommend the clinic & doctor name to
my friends also.

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-Mr A D Singh,Indore,

i came here with problem of sever form of eczema on my hand for which i
have spent nearly rs 20000 & 2 years but in vein. Dr Sangita’s treatment
gave me relief from sever eczema in 4 month, now i can wear half sleeve
shirt confidently.Thanks to her

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