dr.sangita renge


Dr Sangita Renge is a fully qualified registered & modern day Homeopath & Clinical Cosmetologist, has over 20 years’ experience. At the Centre for Homeopathic Education & practice she had a chance to learn from some of the leading Homeopaths in India. 



She is a mentor, chief trainer & head of clinical as well as cosmetic department at Total clinic.


Award winner Dr. Sangita Renge (MD- Hom, DCR,PGDCC,Dip- Diet & Nutrition) has dedicated her professional life to the field of hair, skin & lifestyle diseases management, she is very thorough and listens carefully to her patients. She explains her plans with her patients and answers all questions clearly. She knows that your time is valuable! She runs on time and her patients rarely wait to be served.


Having worked with various Multi Speciality Clinics in Mumbai and seen over 50000 patients since her graduation. She has vast experience in successfully treating patients with varied pathologies i.e. Allergic Diseases, Skin ailments, infertility even Autoimmune Diseases.  She is currently utilizing her past experience in fine tuning the screening & management of Diabetes & for Infertility patients.  


 As a medical practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience, Dr Sangita Renge “knows what works”. She applies principles of health, lifestyle, diet and stress management alongside  medicine accurately prescribed to the individual as a whole.

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