It is a unique treatment using skin transportation, delivering autologous PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) into the balding scalp.


It works by utilizing growth factors released by blood cells called platelets. These are tiny cells usually involved in blood clotting. They increase the formation of new hair by stimulating the hair stem cells as well as by providing better blood supply and anchorage to the hair roots.


About 10-15 ml of blood is taken from the person to be treated and this is then spun to separate the red and white parts of the blood. The white part contains the platelets and this is then harvested using a long needle and activated with calcium chloride to generate the PRP. It is then transferred to smaller syringes and injected superficially into the scalp at about half inch intervals. The procedure is done under cream based anaesthesia and has minimal to no discomfort.


PRP contains essential proteins that helps in reducing hair fall, nourish damaged hair. The protein activates the growth factors needed to stimulate hair growth and increases blood supply and nutrition to the scalp, hence decreasing hair fall and stimulating new hair.


PRP is also being used in conjunction with some hair transplant procedures. The results are normally seen within 3 – 6 months and may require 4 – 6 sessions. Since it comes from patient’s own blood, it has no side effects and gives wonderful results for all types of hair falls like telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss.

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Very good and friendly doctor??

Medicines are really working and improving my skin.

Thank you so much Renge Clinic??

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I like the way Dr.sangita mam approached me. It was a very positive way to approach a patient. Thank you Mam for the guidance.

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