Hair Laser Therapy

LLLT Hair loss Treatment (Low Level Laser Therapy) is a modern method used in men and women with androgenetic or other forms of alopecia, such as diffuse and spot baldness. It is also used, with very good results, to enhance hair growth after transplantation. Hair loss treatment with laser probably acts by increasing the blood flow in the scalp. This hair loss treatment has no side effects, but works only for as long as the treatment is continued

Hair loss treatment with LLLT is a modern method, used as a supplementary therapy in both men and women. It is mainly used in cases of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss, common baldness) but also in cases of diffuse or spot baldness (alopecia areata). LLLT hair loss treatment is painless, bloodless and without any complications

Action and effectiveness of laser LLLT therapy

It is considered that laser energy acts in two ways:

  • The energy cells of the hair follicle are stimulated, resulting in increased production of ATP by the cells and faster hair growth.
  • The local blood flow in the region of the scalp that exhibits alopecia is stimulated, resulting in the growth of hair with greater length and diameter.

According to various scientific studies, the results of LLLT hair loss treatment can slow down or even stop hair loss in 85% of the patients, whereas growth of new hair is observed in 55% of the cases. At the same time, of great importance is the observation that treatment with LLLT increases the diameter of the hair shafts, thus improving the appearance and the volume of the hair.

  • 85% Hair loss slowdown
  • 55% Growth of new hair
  • 100% No Side Effects
  • 100% PRP compatible


A combination of LLLT treatment with the application of homeopathic tincure & active Hair serum in the regions that suffer from alopecia optimises the results. These methods give better results in cases of incipient or partial hair loss, but have no effect in cases where baldness has existed for many years, as there are no hair follicles to be stimulated. A major advantage of topical treatment with LLLT is that it can be easily done as home therapy. There are portable devices available with rechargeable batteries, similar in appearance to a hair brush, which emit both LLLT wavelengths and infrared radiation (heat), stimulating the blood supply to the hair follicles. Hair loss treatment with laser is fully compatible and complementary to PRP treatment.

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Hair Transplant Procedures

  • Donor Area Preparation : The patient’s hair in the donor area is trimmed short so the physician is able to optimally visualize and work on the patient’s scalp, as well as each donor follicle.
  • Once the hair in the donor area are trimmed it is given local anesthesia.
  • The tissue in the donor area that contains the bald resistant hair follicles is then removed surgically.
  • Follicular Unit Grafts are placed in the tiny incisions by device that are made in the recipient area.
  • The smallest grafts (one and two) are placed in front of the hairline and three and four (denser than one and two) are placed behind.
  • Donor Area Healing:The tiny incisions left behind after the follicular units are extracted heal completely in a few days. The tiny apertures contract as they heal, making the resulting round incision marks barely detectable. No stitches or other closures are necessary.
  • Hair Growth: Restored hair will grow in the same fashion as one’s native hair. Approximately three months after the procedure new hair begins to grow. Around six months, a patient should notice significant regrowth. The patient’s hair (native and transplanted) will continue to grow naturally.

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