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“I just loved my hair, Used to pampered & handle with care, but one day I looked in the mirror with shock & dread ,that my hairline receding on my head”.  Hair loss can have a negative psychological impact, it can be associated with low self esteem, depression, introversion, and feelings of unattractiveness.



See , just because you see  hair on your pillow or in shower drain doesn’t mean that you are going to bald ,but u recognize that  there is loss of hair in well defined pattern ,beginning above both temples, over time, the hairline receding  to form a characteristic “M” shape then hair becomes thins at the crown (near the top of the head), often progressing to partial or complete baldness.then this is none other than ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA .



In women hair becomes thinner all over. As the name” androgenetic “both androgene hormone and genetic predisposition are responsible for this.


Then WHO is the culprit? And WHY me at just young age?DHT is the enemy of your hair follicles.2% of testosterone turned into DHT. It’s what causes hair loss… not blocked follicles, not poor circulation. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. The hormonal process of testosterone 2% converting to DHT, which then harms hair follicles, happens in both men and Women.


Yes, there is the answer for why me..

Dr. Renge’s Total Clinic’s Management


  • Stress,Poor Nutrition, Genetics , hormonal imbalance like in women during pregnency ,childbirth & menopause.
  • Smoking as it contains nicotine affects hair growth,
  • certain illness like Thyroid disorder, PCOD, Diebetis, dyeing and bleaching hair may contribute to hair thinning because these can damage the hair, making them brittle and weak &
  • certain drugs like chemotherapy drugs , birth control pills or blood pressure drugs.then, What do you do? There are many options for this ,Every Physician has different approach


Therapies Minoxodil Effects

Life long use, only reduce hair loss


ReactionsDermatitis,Allergy, Dizziness,unwanted hair growth elsewhere on body,Exaberatyion of hair loss


Stimulate of hair growth

Finasteride Life long use, can only reduce hair loss Liver & sexual ability damage Inhibition of DHT
Hair Transplant Surgery One surgery can make 70-80% of recovery Very costly Make wounds & stimulate hair growth


This is the best homeopathic clinic with beautiful combination of homeopathic medicine with some effective & harmless therapies. Treatment of hair loss is directly related to its cause.



A healthy hair follicle can produce a healthy hair. So in regards to treatment of hair loss the treatment which treats the causative ailments can give a long standing and established result, so we treat hair loss through detail case history of the patient, the case has been properly evaluated.


In homeopathy there are huge no of wonderful medicines like Thuja , Sabal they are natural DHT inhibitors. We uses video microscope or tricho-scan to classify hair type as well as early signs of thinning & alert impending hair loss before it actually take place.


Along with homeopathic medication we have latest international laser machines, Dermaroller, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma),hair nourishment therapy, Anti dandruff therapy,which are useful for blood circulation as well as growth.


Along with homeopathic medication we have latest international laser machines, Dermaroller, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma),hair nourishment therapy, Anti dandruff therapy,which are useful for blood circulation as well as growth.


EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT Skills at Dr Renge’s Total Clinic


Therapies Effect Adverse Reaction Mechanism
Homeopathic rx long lasting ,prevent hairloss & hairgrowth if possible NO Totality of Symptoms & individualization
TOTAL Clinic products(oil +shampoo+ serum)FDA Approved reduce hairloss, improves hair texture & strength NO Contain DHT inhibitors & growing properties rx
Low level laser Therapy Effective, hair grwth depends on which stage of MPT NO Stimulate cellular activity & hair growth
HFT (Ozone therapy) Prevents itchy scalp & hairfall gradually NO Stimulate local blood circulation supplies heat soothing nervous system of pscal
1.Meso Therapy byDermaroller2.PRP Much effective with Renge’s Total Clinc Hair tonicUse Patient’s Plasma for hair growth Slightly Painful Increase blood circulation,Cell Production collagen in the scalpPlasma rich in Growth factors so help in hair growth
Diet-Roasted Soya+ Jawas+ Green Tea etc… Very much important & life long effective NO Contain vitamins Zinc Protein DHT blocker properties


So choice is yours whether go with unsafe & harmful treatment or Safe & Effective Dr Renge’s TOTAL Clinic treatment.


Don’t Wait , Act now! restore your confidence along with your hair with the help of our treatment, just take a look-


  • Freindly & Patient Centered atmosphere with well experienced team trained by Dr Sangita Renge.(BHMS, MD, PGDCC. DCR)
  • Holistic approach ,treats person as a whole with proper case taking.
  • Beautiful combination of effective safe homeopathic medicine and advance therapies
  • Prompt and effective healthcare systems and homeopathic treatment services.
  • Hygienic and innovative medicines packing.
  • Telephonic & online inquiry / appointment booking.
  • Medicine Courier Facility (If needed).
  • All machines of high quality and with experimented and proven results.
  • Competent staff members and excellent infrastructure.
  • Computerized case record maintenance (EMR).
  • Online consultation facility for those who can’t travel to visit us & is ideal for busy people. Please visit Online Consultation Page for further details.
  • Personalized appointment reminder facility.
  • All clinic product are packed in hygienic condition & FDA approved.
  • RO Mineral water for all Hair therapy.
  • Clinic is opened on all Sunday & public holiday for patients convenience.
  • Situated at main city hub with well connected transportation facilities. ( Google Map)

Last but not the least we also give more preference to Diet because we belive in“Proper diet and nutrition can slow or reverse hair loss, and make the hair thicker and healthier,”


Along with homeopathic medication we have latest international laser machines, Dermaroller, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma),hair nourishment therapy, Anti dandruff therapy,which are useful for blood circulation as well as growth.


So Why Wait ? Best option is waiting for u & grow back ur Hair as well as confidence!

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